Tyler’s Barbecue

3301 Olsen Boulevard
Tyler Fraizer
Tyler Fraizer
Hello, I'm Tyler Frazer, originally from Amarillo, Texas. For the past four years, I've been immersed in the world of large-scale catering, working for Mrs. Bairds Ultimate Smoker and Grill. In pursuit of my goal to open a barbecue restaurant, I dedicated myself to gaining the necessary skills and experience. My role involved working with 'The Grill,' the world's largest transportable smoker, catering events from Kansas City to Seattle and San Francisco. During my tenure with 'The Grill,' we catered diverse venues, from corporate lunches for Albertson’s (about 350 people) to the LA Children’s Hospital, where we stopped traffic on Sunset Blvd. to feed approximately 3500 people. We tailgated the Big Twelve tour, cooking up to 9200 hotdogs at the Texas/OU game and handling around 100 events annually. For a glimpse of my work, you can visit The Ultimate Smoker And Grill website. My proficiency in catering logistics and large-scale food preparation developed during this time. Beyond 'The Grill,' I've accumulated 20 years of experience in the consumables business. I worked at a 'Mom and Pop' barbecue during college and served as the consumables buyer for a national retailer with 160 stores from Washington to Tennessee for eight years. This unique combination of buying and hands-on food industry experience has equipped me with valuable skills. This journey has been intentional, with a plan set in motion over five years ago to start a barbecue business. The opportunity to work with the world’s largest smoker and grill allowed me to learn extensively about cooking for large groups and refine my skills in producing delicious food. Throughout my travels, I made it a point to sample local barbecue places along the way. I am a goal setter, and my clear direction and focus are steering me toward the opening of my barbecue restaurant