Thorndale Meat Market

300 West Hwy 79
Frank “Trey” Felton
Frank “Trey” Felton
About an hour northeast of Austin, out on Texas Highway 79, the town of Thorndale is like many small towns in Texas. A few residential neighborhoods, a couple of gas stations, a couple of antique stores, and a smattering of other small businesses. Including Thorndale Meat Market, run by Frank “Trey” Felton III. He bought the business from his grandfather and upgraded to a new building in 2011. Inside the store, shelves are stocked with snacks and drinks, and a glass case at the back of the store displays the specialty of the market: the meat. Here you’ll find their signature sausage, thick-cut steaks, and even smoked pies. Dried sausages hang from above, and a large menu on the back wall lists all the barbecue options.