Panther City BBQ

201 E. Hattie Street
Fort Worth
Chris Magallanes & Ernest Morales
Chris Magallanes & Ernest Morales
Panther City BBQ, named in homage to Fort Worth's "Panther City" moniker, commenced its barbecue journey in January from a food truck. The opportunity arose when Republic Street Bar, the truck's owner, announced its availability following the departure of another barbecue vendor. Despite the challenging time of the year, co-owners Magallanes and Ernest Morales seized the chance, transitioning from successful competition circuit ventures and part-time barbecue vending to a permanent spot. The location holds a touch of barbecue history, being the site where Heim BBQ launched its prosperous business. Panther City BBQ pays tribute to Heim on its menu, adding a nostalgic element to its barbecue offerings.