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Ruben Carrasco
Ruben Carrasco
In 2019, Ruben set out to find the perfect truck to start his food business - a dream he had since he was sixteen. He found a 1963 P40 in Las Cruces, NM and started Pachuco Mobile Food Co. Ruben wanted to introduce different flavors from around the world and created a fusion menu consisting of unique burgers, Korean inspired dishes, bao, poutine, and several other dishes. Husband and wife duo, Ruben & Idalia, operated the food truck a few days a month when they weren't working their full-time oilfield jobs. They quickly outgrew the small truck and moved into a 1990 fire department command center. When the opportunity to expand into the oldest restaurant in Midland, the iconic Johnny's Barbecue, presented itself, they had to jump on it. In December of 2022, Pachuco's opened its doors and expanded into the barbecue world while still providing their staple food truck menu.