HooDoo Brown BBQ

967 Ethan Allen Highway
Cody Sperry
Cody Sperry
Hoodoo Brown, the baddest cowboy of them all, was a bank robber, cattle herder, Justice of the Peace, moonshiner, and cook, epitomizing life in the Wild West. At Hoodoo Brown BBQ, we celebrate his spirit and authenticity by cooking the best Texas Outlaw barbecue on the planet—or at least right here in Ridgefield. Owner Cody Sperry was inspired on a "guys trip" to Austin, Texas, several years ago, where he visited over a dozen barbecue joints and absorbed the stories, secrets, and passion of the owners. He returned to Ridgefield with a new outlook and a desire to replicate the Texas barbecue experience. Starting his apprenticeship on a Big Green Egg smoker, he eventually opened a barbecue catering business and, with the encouragement of customers, friends, and family, opened Hoodoo Brown BBQ on May 22nd, 2015. Hoo's Hungry?