Hill City Chophouse

8718 US HWY 377
Dustin Martin
Dustin Martin
Dustin Martin, Owner/Pitmaster of Hill City Chop House, has harbored a passion for smoking meats and treating family and friends to unforgettable meals for years. His remarkable culinary skills are complemented by a memorable personality that leaves a lasting impression. Whenever Dustin is present, you can count on being well-fed. What started as a hobby—tossing logs into a firebox and meticulously trimming briskets—while working in the Bakken oil shell of North Dakota, evolved into a calling. Dustin not only kept his crew well-fed but was also occasionally hired to cook for other companies. In 2015, after returning home to Texas, Dustin and his fiancée Nicole began catering on weekends alongside their full-time jobs. In 2021, following an unfortunate house fire, they decided to ignite a spark of their own and pursue the dream of cooking barbecue full-time. On October 6, 2022, they proudly opened the doors to Hill City Chop House in Tolar, Texas. When not expertly serving up juicy cuts of meat at the butcher block, you'll find Dustin adventuring outdoors with Nicole and their new baby girl, Lakelee.