CrossBuck BBQ

4400 Spring Valley Road
Farmers Branch
Tim McLaughlin
Tim McLaughlin
In 2011, Tim teamed with others to open Lockhart Smokehouse, a central-Texas style BBQ restaurant in the Bishop Arts District of Dallas. Tim’s culinary skills and management expertise crafted the vision from the start, and the restaurant immediately garnered local and national press - becoming an award-winning and extremely popular smokehouse. Yearning to explore options beyond Central Texas style BBQ, Tim partnered with fellow Chef-Pitmaster Damian Avila to create a new style of barbecue that Dallas could call its own – one that honors Texan traditions while infusing the wide array of tastes that America has to offer. Named after the railroad crossing sign, Crossbuck BBQ reflects not only Tim and Damian's love of all types of Texas BBQ, but of the tastes, flavors and styles from all across America.