Brotherton’s Black Iron BBQ

15608 Springhill Lane #105
Bill Dumas & John Brotherton
Bill Dumas & John Brotherton
Bill Dumas created the “Sausage Sensei”- Sausage Making Classes to give both the backyard cooks, and folks in the restaurant industry, an excellent opportunity to hone and fine tune their sausage making skills. I have many years experience in high volume, nationally-acclaimed, award-winning Texas Monthly Rated BBQ restaurants, as well as USDA inspected sausage production facilities. Bill believes in mentorship and passing on my craft and knowledge, to carry on the Cultural Food Heritage of Central Texas BBQ and Sausage Making. John Brotherton was a restaurateur and barbecue aficionado—he owned Brotherton’s Black Iron Barbecue in Pflugerville and is was a co-owner of Liberty Barbecue in Round Rock—but for many, he is much more than a local businessman. “In the very competitive world of barbecue, he sought unification of the barbecue industry,” Dumas said. “Through his support, be it physical or verbal or information, his mission in life was to unite this barbecue community together. If we’re all working separately we’re working against one another. If we’re unified, we can do amazing things. He drew us all together. And through this loss he’s drawing us all together even more.”