Brix Barbecue

1012 S. Main St.
Fort Worth
Trevor Sales
Trevor Sales
In 2017, Big T received his first smoker as a birthday gift from his parents after moving to Texas from the Chicago region and falling in love with authentic Texas Barbecue. Staying up overnight to barbecue, he would bring samples to work for friends and colleagues. After a few months, and a bigger waistline, they convinced him he had what it takes to compete with the 'big dogs' in Texas Barbecue. Fast forward to early 2018, when Big T rescued Brix, a Boxer-Terrier mix, who had a profound influence on his life. In honor of his furry companion, he rebranded and named his barbecue business after Brix. Big T, a transplant, has seamlessly fused his love for food with Central Texas Style Barbecue. Most of his recipes are simple, allowing the meat to shine. There's nothing to hide, and he's willing to share all his secrets because the one thing no one can match is his passion for smoking meats to perfection. His love of food comes from his mother, Mama Sales, whose first two ingredients are always butter and love. While Big T doesn't use much butter on his barbecue (the sides are another story), that first bite of brisket unveils a great deal of love. Just don't forget to save the bones for Brix.