2M Smokehouse

2731 South WW White Rd.
San Antonio
Esaul Ramos
Esaul Ramos
Esaul Ramos Jr. has been nominated for the James Beard Award for the second time! Esaul Ramos began his journey as a backyard griller who eventually found himself rotating briskets in Austin, Texas. Without investors or suit and tie types from the bank willing to give him a shot at a lease, he and his co-owner, Joe Melig, decided to push forward and put pennies together. After months they finally caught a break at their location on 2731 S. WW White. They took on the remodel of the restaurant themselves, while hosting a series of pop ups to generate some cash flow. Everything you see at 2M, from the fence post tables, to the Smokehouse itself, were done by hand by them, with some help of their family and friends. With funds running low and our pop-ups coming to an end, it seemed like he would never open. After what seemed like an eternity of months, late nights, hard work, and lots of faith, 2M Smokehouse officially opened up December 3, 2016.