Livin’ the Barbecue Lifestyle.

There’s a saying that a man is judged by the company he keeps.  Our Prime Members will be in the best company when they take advantage of exclusive discounts from our one-of-a-kind Brand Partners. (We’re adding more all the time, so check back often.)  From top-of-the line outdoor speakers and grills to professional-level thermometers and astounding adventures, you’ll discover merchandise essential to your barbecue lifestyle.


15% Off Any Speaker

Voted Best Outdoor Speaker by Field & Stream, this line of premium outdoor, waterproof, blue tooth speakers is prized for its ability to deliver sound – loud and clear – whether you’re at the beach or on an ATV. Enjoy your music over the wind, waves, and boat engines — or over the crowds at your favorite barbecue festival!

Mallard Bay

5% Off Sitewide

Whether you’re after Mallards in the flooded timber, Elk in the Rockies, or Tuna in the gulf, MallardBay has all the gear for your next outdoor experience from a collection of top brands.  Mallard Bay offers an easy to use booking platform for hunting and fishing trips with reputable outfitters and charters across North America. You’ll be able to pick up the needed gear for your trip -and then, most importantly, Go Experience.

Roam Adventure Company

30% Off All Products

Roam is an outfitter of rugged adventure equipment that strives to foster the curiosity and community that come from exploring the outdoors. Tents, awnings, mounts, cases, coolers and more – all Roam Gear is built to last despite the elements, and backed by the Made To Roam Warranty so all that you have to worry about is finding the next best swimming hole.

All Hands Vodka Cocktails

20% Off All Beverages

Just because you’ve pitched your tent in the wilderness with no Wi Fi in sight doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a fine cocktail. Sample the highest grade real distilled spirits with 100% all natural fruit flavors and premium mixers. From the classic Vodka Tonic to more non-traditional tastes like Vodka Soda with Ruby Red Grapefruit or Vodka Soda Cherry Limeade, this is convenience and class in one can.


15% Off the Termopen

Now decades of experience in measuring temperature can be in your hands. Thermoworks is in tens of thousands of home kitchens, but it’s also prized by professionals in thousands of commercial kitchens across America,  hundreds of food processing plants and farming operations from dairy, to produce, to meat, seafood and poultry. Thermoworks can deliver accuracy plus or minus .5 degrees F in just one second – meaning your barbecue comes off at the exact right moment.

Trailer Valet

20% Off Any Product

Sometimes the best spots aren’t the easiest to reach.  That’s where Trailer Valet comes in. From the RVR line – a fully wireless remote controlled trailer mover that took the industry by storm to the JX Series – a line of patented drill-powered jacks – Trailer Valet’s tough, rugged products will make it easier on you to get where you want to go.